Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outtie Sooon

So me and Pistol Pete are hitting the road for what will be a wicked 30 day bender. Dates are on and I will post them on here this week. I will also be releasing an EP with me and Faggy Smokes on before we hit the road for Pittsburgh on 10/10. We will decide on the name of it tonight but it will feature tracks with Daniel Joseph, RewMec, Benny 2 Bars and hopefully more. Production from Prime Incognito, J Stampy, Hot Sugar and Bart LoMein. Maybe more, we'll decide tonight. I'm over at his crib and we are going to finalize a few things as we just thought of this idea a few minutes ago. The other night at Court Tavern was pretty fun peep game. Thanks to all those who came out and PG/RTF for the photos!
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Speaking of Daniel Joseph go to this album release show it's gonna be huge and be sure to pick up "Pretty/Ugly" it's next dimension shit yallll! Download his new EP for FREE at else?

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