Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monsta Squad/Georgia/Road Update

First up, download the Monsta Squad album if you haven't already. You will hear some of the most offensive music that Pistol, Shape, Larry Hobs, TMFSE and myself have ever made up to this point.

It has been a while since I spoke to you people on this thing and I wish it weren't the case. St. Louis was blurry. Alabama was awesome. If you are one of the two people taking photos at that show please get in touch with me because I don't know who you are. Louisiana was peaks and valleys and peaks included going boating through a swamp and shooting uzi's and shotguns, jumbalaya in New Orleans and the story Bubba told me about kissing a 6 1/2 foot alligator. We fucked up a tire on route to Tallahassee and $450 later we have a brand spanking new set of tires. You fucked us again AAA. Tallahassee show was fun although the room smelled as if 20 train hoppers decomposing bodies were buried under the floors and they sprayed a skunk to try and cover up the smell. There were a bunch of FL/NM homies at the show and I don't think I've seen so many bottles broken in one place since I saw Millions of Dead Cops at Cracktoberfest when I was like 16. We got back to Spanish Gambles house at 5am and had a sleep over with the Menzingers from Philly. Pause. Gainesville Fest weekend was dope. Coalesce blew my mind so fucking hard, I played a late night show with Spanish Gamble, Dead to Me and some others and I performed at 4:30 in the morning clocking in as the latest (or earliest) show I've ever played, thank you everyone that stayed awake for that. I am in Savannah, GA right now and G. Wallace is at class. We went skating this morning and you will probably see footage from that in the tour update video that Pistol has in the works. Me and Will Doyle will be making a last minute music video for the song "Gonzo Journalism" today and tomorrow before we head to Chucktown, SC.

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