Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back like cooked crack

Yeah yeah I've been bad at updating this thing whatever. "Useless Eaters" is coming along very nicely. There was a little hold up on the tapes cause the pressing plant was being pussy about the Big L cover but PG sorted that out so if you ordered a tape you should have it next week thank you for waiting patiently. Actually I know some of you haven't been so patient but luckily those emails go right to PG so thanks for not emailing me about it. I think I'm playing in Boston this weekend I'll post that info tomorrow I need to talk to Terry from the rock group POW but I think he changed his phone number. T if you are reading this holleratchaboy. Here's a video from a show I played on Mother's Day cause having a family is for pussies.

I forgot I was dancing so well that night. Biggups to Big Bee on the video, birthday and show.

Rad Fest in NC the other week was fun and I'm pretty sure I don't have any pictures from it. Ryan of Spanish Gamble took some flicks but I know they're on the road. Check out their tour dates and go watch a show they are out with Nothington and it's really somethington. I believe we are all playing together in Philly on 6/30, I'll also be in Philly for 6/17 so if you live there or near there hopefully I see you. While at Rad Fest I missed the Emily Rugburn release show but here's a lovely video from it. G-O-L-D L-A-B-E-L
(NOTE: YouTube has been a son of a fucking bitch lately and I just tried to embed the video and had to restart my internet so just click THIS LINK! to watch)

Go get the new Emily Rugburn "Statutory Tape" cassette from Grand Good. 2010 is a big year for tapes and a small year for the stock market. Eat the rich baby, eat the rich.

And speaking of rich, I got new t-shirts please order one if you like it from the GDP Merch Store

I've decided my next update will be a cool photo update. I'm gonna charge up my camera and snap some flicks. Stay tuned for Massachusetts detailzz


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