Monday, December 13, 2010

Home sweet Jerzz

Hello and hi. Looks like my first road update was also my last one. This is a road update but tours over so whatever. We played 37 shows on this Manifest Density Tour and that is not half bad. This was certainly the most painless outing we've ever had and as proof we're gonna do it all again soon. I'll announce some new shows in the NY/NJ/RI/MA area later in the week as for right now I would just like to post some photos from this trip.

I re-upped on some shirts and stuff so if you didn't have a chance to grab a thread from me this trip, head on over the GDP Merch Booth and help me keep buying gasoline.

I'll be in Boston this weekend for Tigers Jaw release, POW/Madball and the Artifacts in-store on Friday 12/17, 6pm at Underground Hip Hop store= 234 Huntington Ave

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