Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am in some public library in Richmond, VA right now using the free Wi-Fi and its nice. Few nights ago was Philly with Roebus One, Daniel J and Pistol. Shit was really fun, peace to Mikey Coves, Bernardo and everyone else for letting us whyle out in their beautiful home like that. We played Baltimore last night at Charm City Art Space, got some drinks and slept at a truck stop. I woke up this morning to Daniel Joseph being pulled out of the van and searched by a Virginia state trooper who we couldn't tell if it was a male or female. KrE8 kept calling it "Sir" but the rest of us are convinced it was a woman. She looked into our van while we were sleeping and noticed some E-Z Widers sitting on the dashboard and said "Where is the marajuana? I do not believe that you have a pack of rolling papers and no marajuana." Daniel J showed her his rolling tobacco but she insisted on pulling each of us out of the van and searching us. She stuck her head in the van and let us go saying that we didn't seem nervous and we were free to use the facilities at the truck stop. Tomorrow night is at the Camel in Richmond, VA with Swordplay and it should be sweet.
Big ups to Mikey Diebold for filming the Halligan's kick off show. Wet Orange stand up!

And here's a few pictures from so far.

Thank you NJ Underground for your kind words-
The NJ Underground GDP/Daniel Joseph/Pistol Pete New Brunswick review


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