Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I could live in Richmond

I like this city. We had last night off so we met up with Adam from Say-10 Records and went to some bar called Empire. Pretty sweet. Had a few drinks and tried to hit on young girls on the street but they weren't biting. Took my t-shirt off and threw it at one of them but it only scared her more. I don't get it. Woke up and went Kroegers food store where I merked some roasted garlic and hot peppers, one of my favorite foods.  Then we went by some lake and I fell asleep all morning now I'm sunburnt. 

Tonight is at a very nice club called The Camel which is located on 1621 W. Broad Street in Richmond, VA and it will be the rapper Swordplay's very last show. I performed with him like 3 years ago at the Court Tavern and it was fun minus the promoter being one of the dumbest motherfuckers alive. Texas is showing us no love but I think something will come together. Houston and Austin especially. I'm in better spirits than I think I've been since...well probably since the last time I was on tour. Something about living in a van with friends and worrying about nothing but doing your favorite thing every night. Tonight is going to get ignorant. I promise. Here's some other photos from the last few days.

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