Thursday, June 25, 2009


It is about 2pm on Thursday. We had a subpar (at best) turnout to the Camel last night so me, KrE8 and Pistol skipped on our bar tabs. Perhaps that is why on our way to Durham,NC for a jammy tonight with The Beast (, our oil pressure dropped. We pulled over to the side of 95-South and me and Pistol began walking to a gas station. A car immediately pulled over into the shoulder lane and a nice man in an air conditioned Volvo scooped us up and gave us a ride..."I been there before I know how it is" he told us. Turns out he used to work in Morristown. Jersey son!!

Now we are sitting here waiting for the AAA tow man to drive us to an auto shop. By the way, fuck AAA they are fools and I have never had a logical transaction with them.

In other news, I finally tried Four Loco, which I've been meaning to for a while. Its like Joose only this one is 12% alcohol. Tasted like hell, wasn't the most refreshing drink to have on the half mile walk back to our van in the blistering sun but I am buzzing. Tonight should be fun so long as we get there in time. Stay tuned.


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  1. Wish you hadn't skipped out on your bartabs, I came out of the Camel with a twenty in my pocket for you guys and plans to take you home, feed you, shower you and violate you in your sleep!!! But alas, you were gone.
    No hard feelings, I know a show like the one at the Camel can be discouraging while on the road. Hope your van is running smoothly and the CD is selling and your DJ is getting his "dick wet" (protection is important on the road, do not forget!)
    much love from crazy rapping guitar dude in VA,