Saturday, June 27, 2009

Too High To Die

I've been dreading this update just because I knew it would be a bum out typing but after tonight's show I don't feel so bad about it.

After we got towed to the Crossroads Dodge Dealership in Petersburg, VA we found out our motor was fucked. Okay. Three day old van needs new motor. Daniel Joseph and KrE8 got towed to a hotel where they went swimming in-doors and got lunch at Hooters where KrE8 somehow won 10 free wings and $2 Coors Lights. All the while me and Pistol bummed around the Dodge dealership/repair shop groaning over our ever-growing list of inconveniences ranging from cancelling our show in Durham which Pierce from The Beast told me was packed the fuck out, to spending a night in Bumblefuck, VA getting completely drunk in a motel room that had blood under the chairs. KrE8 got some on his hand when he touched it and it really weirded him out. Countless phone calls have been made to and from the warranty insurance company, Pep Boys, the original Dodge dealership in VA we got towed to, the dearlership we bought the car from in NJ, Enterprise rent-a-car, people organizing our shows, you get the idea. Pistol had to stay back with the van because he had to sign a bunch of paper work. Turns out he knew the guy that towed him and might very well be lacing tracks in VA until we get our van back on Wednesday. Hard to know cause he got water on his phone earlier today and now he can talk on it anymore cause the earpiece is fucked.

Me, KrE8 and Daniel Joseph got a rental car in Petersburg and drove down to Charlotte, NC to rock The Rosemount with The Beast from Durham. We missed our 2pm in-store at O1NE Skate Shop due to time issues, we finally got to Charlotte around 9pm. The spot was literally a hallway in an apartment building that is occupied by young people who don't mind the noise and people stumbling through their home. One of those tenants happens to be my old buddy Zach who put us up for the night. I consequently missed his solo show tonight in Charlotte and I apologize for that.

The drive to Knoxville we were scheduled to make tonight is crazy in a rental whip and even crazier is the drive to Chattanooga then to Charleston. The folks in Chattanooga don't know this yet but I am going to have to drop my show there today. It sucks. I wouldn't mind making the drive normally but it is just a retarded amount of miles to put on a rental car. I don't need to spend anymore than I have already spent that I already owe but they can't take the money from me cause I don't have enough money in my account so my card keeps getting declined when they run it. I will straighten that out to day as best I can. Tonight we ended up hopping on the bill of a Mindset, Low Brow show and it was awesome. Mooresville, NC represented and the show made up for the last day or two's troubles. 10 minutes can make 40 hours and $400 in rental cars and road expenses feel so sensible and empowering. This is the only thing I need to be doing right now. This is the only thing I care to spend my money on.

I released "Realistic Expectations" about a month and change early cuz fuck it. People are asking about it, and I need some money quick or else I don't know how I'm getting through Texas. If you'd like to pick it up go to I appreciate it very much. Thank you to everyone who has already ordered a copy. I think you will be pleased with your purchase.

I'll be in Charleston, SC on Monday and Savannah, GA on Wednesday. I routed the tour so we would have an extra day in Savannah with G. Wallace after the quick drive from Charleston to Savannah. Now instead we have to drive from Charleston back to Petersburg, VA to drop off this rental car, pick up our van (hopefully it'll be prepared by then) and Pistol Pete so we can then haul ass back to Savannah, GA which is about 45 minutes South of Charleston where we'll have started the day off from. We sold our souls for hip and hop. Here's a few photos. Video updates coming this week! Look for one at and

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