Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4 days, 2000 miles

Petersburg, VA is like a ghost that has been haunting the last week of my life. I am back here in a hotel room with Pistol Pete drinking Miller High Lifes at 2pm. We had to cancel our Savannah, GA show tonight with Spanish Gamble and G. Wallace because the warranty company sent the wrong engine to Pep Boys and it's going to take an additional 4-5 hours to service the engine. We should be in time for St. Augustine, FL tomorrow with Spanish Gamble however...This weekend was excellent minus PIstol not being with us because he had to stay in Petersburg, VA with the van. Charlotte, NC was cool but the last minute Low Brow/Mindset show the following day in Mooresville, NC took the cake. Very fun house, great vibes, which brings me to our next trip- Chattanooga, Tennessee might be the coolest place I've ever been. I ripped a 6 hour drive from Charlotte to Chattanooga where we met Tom, the owner of Antarctica, a 7 year (and counting) punk house and Adam, mayor of Chattanooga. Show was a lot of fun, kids ruled, high lights included crowd surfs and impromptu encores. We went to some after-party at JJ's where they played a bunch of music that KrE8 (who will from here on in be referred to as Faggy Smokes) is into. I've never been to a bar that sold Joose but this one did, only it was 6% and in a much smaller can. We stayed at Adam's that night where we smoked mid's and me and Faggy Smokes managed to get some girl to do a handstand naked. Adam works at the Chattanooga aquarium so he got us free passes the next day. Madd penguins, jellyfish and sharks. Chattanooga also has some of the best street skate spots I've ever seen. After the aquarium we went by Chad's Record Store where we met Chad and sold/traded him some cd's. Adam had to go to work at the aquarium so his sister took us swimming at the creek. Smoked an L with the locals, went hardbody on the rope swing and made some new pals before our 9 hour drive back to Petersburg. I was too Aderol'd up on the overnight drive home to think about how much mileage we had put on our rental car but at about 6am it started dawning on me. "Unlimited miles" is 150 miles a day according to Enterprise. I had driven well over 2,000 miles in our four day rental. To my surprise and enjoyment, no extra fees when we returned the whip. This motel room has madd cockroaches but in other news I've been brushing up on my Southern drawl. Every place we go into I've been speaking with a Southern accent and all the locals are believing it, I'm pretty siked. Our van should be ready to go tomorrow but in the meantime check out some pictures from the weekend. I have a video update but the internet connection at this place is too shitty to let me upload it so stay tuned for that and feel free to pick up your copy of "Realistic Expectations" at the merch store. Thank you everyone who has, you have been a huge help to this trip.
Recent playlist-
Aerosmith "Get a Grip"
RJD2 "The Third Hand"
Jimmy Hendrix "Blues"
Ahmad (self titled)
Bigwig "Stay Asleep"
Mozart "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro"
Dez & Nobs "Behemoth"
Gaslight Anthem "Sink or Swim"
Pistol Pete "The Last Supper"
and Give Up the Ghost "We're Down Til We're Underground"- I've really come to appreciate this record lately

If you don't understand this picture, you have no class

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  1. Dude, that GUTG record may be my favorite by them. It's incredible. I'm enjoying the updates. Hope you're having fun despite the set backs. At least you're not in New Jersey. Word is bail bonds, I'll give you a call soon.