Friday, July 3, 2009

Gainesville BBQ Sonnn

As the mechanic pulled our van out of the garage at Pep Boys, I noticed a slight leak. Boom! 2 and a half more hours waiting for our water pump to be replaced and a sneak attack $80 fee for a new battery. We sought relief at Yesterdays Bar and Grill directly across the street while I explained to the Spanish Gamble boys that we would be cancelling on our St. Augustine show at Nobby’s because our water pump was leaking. Apologies to Wes, the Gamblers and anyone who went was excited to see us in St. Augustine. Yesterday’s was pretty sweet although the Bloody Mary’s sucked. $2 draft Budweisers lifted the spirits as we joked with the locals about Micheal Jackson’s premature death. The man who sold us our battery at Pep Boys came in and ate a porkchop but ignored us like a jackass. After a solid week and change or waiting, we finally got the van back and on our 10+ hour drive to Gainesville, FL we got a flat tire. When staring in the face of adversity, there sometimes comes a point when you realize that what you are working so hard for was not meant to happen and you are merely pulling teeth for what the forces that be do not want for you. I think we are all so beyond that feeling by now we just laughed about the flat as Pistol Pete manhandled the tire change. I awoke on the floor of Spanish Gamble’s new home, which is not yet furnished, to Ryan and his 15 week old Golden Retriever- Monty. He ran into the living room pissing everywhere and we were awake. Homeboy James from the Espanol Gamble hooked up the free Wing Zone and some of the finest herbalz I’ve ever blazed in Florida. I am now banned for life from the Gainesville Municipal pool for jumping off the diving board after the lifeguard blew the storm whistle. It was a pretty funny scene. "So how long have you been a lifeguard for?", "It's not about that bro, it's not about that", "what is it about your pride?", silence. We copped an 18 of Busch and went to some condo pool and ran that shit. Jumps from the pool house into the pool, much brewage, now I think we're just gonna post up the cribbo and burn something before bed time. It’s so good to be out of Virginia. Big Ol’ Fourfah July Barbie-Q at 1015 NE 5th Place in Gainesville, Florida. Then Nawlins. Then some last minute shows with Spanish Gamble in Austin, TX and Las Cruces, NM. Details in a day or so on the Myspace.
This is the most important video on the internet. Larry Hobson we adore you.

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