Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pistol Photo Blog Update

So I am at the Houma, Lousiana library on a public computer because the WiFi here sucks. I have a bunch of pictures from my camera to upload from the last few days and shows but unfortunately the WiFi here sucks. Since the WiFi here sucks and Pistol Pete has been taking some really awesome cell phone camera pictures and we miss him so terribly, I am going to do a strictly Pistol cell pic update because the WiFi here sucks. New Orleans was really fun, I went to the only ebony strip club on Bourbon Street and the employees were really friendly. Some moreso than others. Houma tonight @ Good Times Lounge with Spanish Gamble and Austin, TX tomorrow night with those boys. Wifi here sucks. I think the dude doing the show tonight is making us spaghetti dinner but regardless I haven't been on the road with the Gamblers in a year and I reckon we are going to get tipsy. PS World- If you come out to a GDP/Daniel Joseph/Pistol Pete/KrE8 show no matter individually or collectively, I assure you will be entertained. Go pick up Pistol Pete's "The Last Supper" on CD at and

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