Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our little piece of the Bayou

Houma, Louisiana is the shit. Peace to Tucker, Bubba and all our new homies in the bayou that showed us a really good time. I didn't know cats in Louisiana had access to such good bud nor have I ever met a bar tender that can make her titties jiggle on command in whichever direction you prefer. We drove overnight to Austin, TX to do the damn thang at Snake Eyes Vinyl where the show wasn't exactly anything to write home about but the store rules and some kids came out from as far as 3 hours away to watch me rock in a sweaty ass room where the air conditioning was broken and for that I am grateful. I'd rather play to 20 kids that give a shit than 50 that are just there to get drunk and look cool. Las Cruces, NM was awesome. New Mexico always rules. The opening act must have lit, with no exaggeration, 20 blunts throughout their set and I don't think there was a sober person in the spot. Show completely ruled too. Thanks to the folks at the Bacon House for letting us whyle out in their home. We said our goodbyes to the Spanish Gamblers who are on their way to record for 3 weeks on Oakland and went to some sweet lake/camping site. I got attacked by a pitbull within moments of arriving at the spot but it I was able to get away with only minimum damage to my pants. If that thing hadn't been on a leash I don't know what the fuck would have happened but who cares. Nice campfire last night and now I am in Albuqurque, NM awaiting Pistol Petes arrival. Bunch of shows coming up and I will post all those flyers tomorrow along with a video update but for now, enjoy this long over due photo update

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  1. First of we're Spanish GAMBLE not gamblers motherfucker ha. And we're only here 2 weeks. Get it right. It doesn't feel right without you man. Can't wait till you're here to party.