Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have not updated this in a while, huh...let me try to remember all these goings-on. I write you from West Orange, NJ where I have been back a few days and Saturday 8/15 at the Court Tavern marked the conclusion of the 'Pretty Realistic' summer tour. 2 months is a long while but I would love nothing more than to do another 2 right now. I'll be back out soon enough friends. Propers to Daniel Joseph, Faggy Smokes and Pistol Pete for weathering this wild ride with me. Lansing, Michigan show was really awesome..bunch of kids, many of whom knew words and had requests. Some people don't like taking requests, if they are expressed politely I enjoy them, reminds me that some people give a fuck, or at least do a good job pretending like it. The Cartridge Family was fucking awesome as always and I would like to thank the Bermuda Mohawk boys for setting up such a nice gig. After the show our new friends at the Mad House in Lansing threw a little get together with 24oz. cans that had cow print on them. I forget what they were called but they were delicious. Great dope in Michigan btw. Pittsburgh was the next night and Blood Money, Roebus, Shape, To Live and Die in NJ, TMFSE all represented like it was not an option. It wasn't. I think we got drunk afterwards or something I don't fucking know. We had the next day off and we got drunk again. Jim Beam's 'Red Stag' black cherry whiskey is about as bad as I knew it would be. Onto Pittsfield, MA with Pistol, Daniel J and Faggy where we were greeted with open arms as always. My heart goes out to Andy @ Rebel Sound Records, Nick Wojikojipasoj or however the fuck you spell it and all the other Pittsfielders who always show so much love. We went to a house party afterwards and some girl freaked out on us for trying to do coke in the side room. Grow up. I won't get into the rest of New England/Vermont cuz it was a shit show and I apologize to anyone looking forward to seeing us. I will be booking a solid New England week for October where we will come through and crush your fucking city. Get in touch with me if you would like to help set up a show because chances are I would like you to. Conneticuit with Skobie Won, N.M.E., and more was a lot of fun although the sound guy may have been the worst I've ever seen (heard?) at such a prestigious venue. Apparently he was the intern or some shit and if there is any luck for New London, CT he will never be anything more than that. Sorry for my bluntness. Speaking of blunts, Saturday was welcome home at the Court Tavern with RewMec, Bullymouth, Flawless Caring Lobster (Lawrence Hobson) and Gold Label Society. I had fun and my friends bought me drinks which is cool. The room was burning hot but the drinks were cool. Get it? No A/C but thank you Future Kids, Andy Diamond, the Court Tavern and most importantly the lady bartender there who I'd never seen before but had enough attitude to sink a fucking ship. Yesterday was Del/Tame1 in BK and I got plenty loose off the Gatorade Vodkas I chugged on the street because they were not allowing any foreign drinks into the spot although it was a free event at a public outdoor park. You know you're in Brooklyn when 12 oz drafts cost 6 dollars and every band that performs has their jeans rolled up so you can see their dirty Vans. I'll be at the Armory in Newark, NJ this Thursday the 20th and at Young Zee's rager Saturday the 22nd which should be so fucking Jersey the state might break apart from the rest of the country and sink into the ocean. In the best way possible. Here are the flyers for those two shows and my next post will be the most thorough photo upload this blog has ever seen. I will be keeping you up to date with all things GDP now that I am home and I will see you many of you on the road by October and the rest of you by November. Long live the drug called hip hop music. 

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  1. Good to hear shit was tight the rest of the way...

    Come back to Pittsburgh soon, I promise the shot will be more ill and the drugs will be on point...

    ...After driving home from Coraopolis, back home, I almost crashed 2 times.