Monday, August 3, 2009


Everyones been on my ass (pause) about updating this thing which is annoying, however I'm glad you all have been reading. I'm at some bar in Pittsburgh, PA and I will bring you up to speed about how I ended up here. Washington state was 3 days of shows in which the highlight was skating/kicking with my good friend Mark "Iron Skillet" Ennis. We drove 24 hours straight to Colorado where we posted up at some hippies crib. Daniel Joseph and Faggy rocked at a GFE show in Boulder but I was too busy watching some dude in the alleyway outside juggling flames. Professor MEAT came through and we hustled some CD's on Pearl Street which, although degrading, proved fruitful. In between hussles, we took many rips out of his IncrediBOWL which will be available everywhere you can get a weed card soon. He blessed me with some Blue Dragon which I wish I had some more of right about nowow. Me and Daniel stayed at our homey Riley's in Boulder the next night and he has one of the most beautiful views we've seen yet. His crib is like a ski resort. Me and Pistol whyled out on the trampoline later that day and I kept pussing out on backflips...fuck you the fucking thing was wet and surrounded by rocks. Next night was Denver at the Wasteland. It's really good to see my brethrends from The Allergies have put together such a sweet facility. Nice sized room, good vibes, crucial flat bar session before the show, which was overshadowed by a bunch of other shows going on in town that night, but I had a lot fun and drank about 1,000 beers. Biggups to Doug, Salmonilla, MC Shwag High, MC Resin and friends. Des Moines, Iowa was next up and that shit ruled. Very honorable mentions go out to our new comrades Ptates, Riot, Spencer/High While Driving/Mindrite who took excellent care of us. Thank you again for opening your home and refrigerator to us, not to mention plastic baggies and cases of Budweiser. Gaiden Gadema rocked with us at the House of Bricks in Duh Moinezz where he represented his stomping grounds like a muggafugga. I got to flirting with some milf-type who was there with her 13 and 22 year old daughters. She bought her 13 year old a copy of "Realistic Expectations" after I convinced her that it was appropriate for her daughter to be listening to. If you are reading this, I am sorry for ruining your daughters life ma'am. Aside from some of the oldest, there were also 2 of the youngest GDP show attendees of my career at the House O' Bricks. A brother and sister who I'd say were no older than 5 or 6 years old a piece. I made an inappropriate joke on stage about them that their guardian didn't seem to appreciate but in truth, I am glad to bring my craft to such young, impressionable ears. No Slipknot sightings in Iowa but a lot of close calls and some very delicious corn and corn products. From there we linked up with Dcoi (on tour from Cali) in Milwaukee and instead of performing, Faggy got wasted and harrassed the attendees until he eventually confronted some racist biker dude and madness ensued. A speedy van recovery goes out to the Dcoi boizz. The rest of the fellas wanted to go back to New Jersey for a day or two to re-coop but you know I have no desire to do that so I had them drop me off in Pittsburgh where I was about to rent an Enterprise whip to drive to Michigan for tomorrows Bermuda Mohawk production in Lansing but remembered that homies TMFSE, Shape and Raymond Strife are on their way into town and it would be way more fun to carpool. We are ripping some radio show tonight with Pittsburgh's finest Blood Money and then cruising to Michigan tomorrow (Tuesday) before our show at The Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh on Weds. I've been getting really hammered lately and today is the earliest I haven't been drinking in a while (EDIT- This post was originally typed up a few minutes ago...I logged back on to fix a few typos and have since ordered a Corona in spirit of this places $2 Corona special). I see tonight getting rowdy. Sorry this was such a long post but you guys asked for it. Show photos coming soon, I think I lost my camera battery charger but heres some cell phone camera love to hold you over. If you have any pictures you'd like me to see/post, please inquire within. See you in Michigan.

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  1. Good of ya to check in with your readers :P Hit me up with how I can buy all of your albums(in mp3 format)! I have that chunk of Involvement but I need your eps and the latest album. Respect