Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello friends
I'm in Bellingham, Washington at a place called the Wild Buffalo and I think this is as far away from New Jersey as we will be this trip. We hung out in Seattle today and went to some janky Rock & Roll museum that also had a sci-fi exhibit and Jim Henson Muppets exhibit. Both were better than the rock and roll portion. Sonic Youth was playing some all day festival with Pistol's homies Awesome Color but they didn't get a guest list and frankly, $25 seemed a bit steep. Last night (Friday) we hopped on some last minute shit in Olympia, Wa @ The 4th Ave because our Mt. Hood, Oregon show went to shit almost instantly. I'll paraphrase; some people do not take into consideration that when you make plans with people who are traveling from very far away, and you do not take those plans nearly as seriously as those who are traveling to fulfill the arrangement, it is upsetting. And if you were not planning on, or were not terribly interested in seeing through said commitment, you should not have made it in the first place. Pretty logical, right? Maybe. Long story short K Dillz came through in the clutch. New Jersey bitch! I'm told tonight is sold out, we shall see. I'm sitting in some dark corner listening to this band sound check (Pistol Pete: "What do these guys think they're Spinal Tap?"). I meant to shave today and I wish I did. I look like a mess and its fun. Modesto, California on Thursday was, well, modest. But good vibes for the most part. Some girl in high heels told Faggy Smokes I'm an asshole for making fun of her and her friends on stage for getting all over-dressed to go to a hip hop show and then just standing at the bar the whole time. Who's the asshole? Peace to Schatz and company. On another random note, I just remembered I ran into my pal Fizz out of nowhere while walking down the street in San Fran...small world after all. Tomorrow night is at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle, Washington and I believe the Iron Skillet is rolling through which is excellent. I haven't seen that dude in about 2 years. I've been feeling anxious lately...remniscient of how I felt before I left. I think as tour is winding down my mind starts running about things I need to catch up with when I get home that I could give a fuck about. Real life is for suckers.

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