Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aint no love in Oakland bitch

I been lazy about updating this thing I apologize to my readers..I don't like updating without some new photos for yall and I can't really do that from my cell phone internets. I'm in San Francisco right now passing many many L's at Boom and J Fame's crib with the likes of Jan the Don and Daniel J. Last night was Fresno and it was very fun. Good sound system, at least from the stage. Shout outs to David Shinobi for making that shit happen we appreciate it brother. The 2 or so days before that were spent at Benny 2 Barz crib in Santa Cruz. Me, Daniel, Faggy Smokes and 2 Bars laced a new track over a Faggy beat and it was dope. The other week (I think Friday?) was San Diego with Trap Them, Saviours and Skeletonwitch. Kudos to Jake Lewd Act$$ on that one and then we had a late nite show at Jake's crib in Escondido and it was cool to see how he resides. Good keg beer too. Corey and Yetti from Lewd Acts were in the place to be, woke up, smoked up and listened to the new Lewd Acts record which you are going to love. I'm siked for those boys. Before that was Tempe, AZ at the Blunt Club. That shit was okay, people were there to get drunk and try to get fucked, not see a hip hop show..reminded me of home. Manny "Never Scared" Mares came through and snapped a few. They are posted below. San Diego flicks by Ashlyn.  This morning we swung by Spanish Gamble in the studio in Oakland to see how things were going. We didn't end up listening to the new joints because one of the engineers is a grumpy old man. James Gamble has been rigging a new gravity bong every place I've seen him in since Florida and it's been about 4 or 5 different situations now. We took rips and got lunch. Tonight is a house party in San Frisco and some kid just walked into the house with a box full of assorted handles of well-grade liquor. The young girl here has some of the most potent yak I've done in a long while. If you can't tell I've already found my way into some. This is the first blog update that went backwards from most recent to least recent. I think.


  1. You're a good man, spelling my name right. Everyone always adds more "n's" :)

  2. Lemme Get A Reprint Of The Fresburg Show With Some Flicks Homie. Peacers........