Friday, September 11, 2009


Feeling a little under the weather so I been taking it easy getting in touch with a bunch of different people to coordinate my tour to and from The Fest this year in Gainesville, FL. Me, Pistol and the Bully Boys went to WFMU studios the other day to do a PodCast with my new friend Noah and it was cool. Last night was Garden Variety but I didn't go cuz I was sleeping. I was gonna rock Lyrical Graffiti tonight in New Brunswick but I think I'm gonna stay in and take it easy. I drank a bunch of Robitussin before and it's got me feeling all sorts of fucked up. I'm not tripping but I don't feel normal. has relaunched and is looking better than ever might I mention, go there right now and listen to some free music. Here's some photos and a flyer for next week at Young Zee's where we will be playing some new music and shiiit.

And a speedy recovery goes out to the Tomato Faced Killa who got worked in a skateboarding accident in Bean town. Here he is pictured with a morphine drip that I wish I had right about always.

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