Monday, December 21, 2009

Gonzo Journalism, tour trials and tribulations of late, WEST SIIIIDE!

GDP - Gonzo Journalism. from Dale Doyle on Vimeo.

Much thanks to Dale Doyle for pulling that video together in all of a few hours notice

I hopped in the van with Spanish Gamble last week and we played at The Court Tavern in New Brunz, 659 Lounge in Brooklyn and AVA House in Philly (sorta). Here are some photos

"But weren't you supposed to keep touring with Spanish Gamble, GDP?"
Why yes I was, but the van fucked up on Tuesday's way to see Danny Brooklyn @ the 659 Lounge so Karebear saved the day. Changing the alternator didn't fix the problem Weds. and we pretty much just wasted Thursday brainstorming what to do. Friday we realized it was the computer that was wrong with the van. Ryan from Spanish Gamble is a handyman extradionairre and was able to install the part in time for the worst snow storm in a decade on Saturday. By then the only shows left to play were Valdosta, GA and 3 Florida gigs. I regret to inform you people that I will not be making them. I stayed in New Jersey because it seemed to crazy to hop into a 1991 Dodge Ram with a trailer full of gear hitched to it and drive towards one of the most menacing storms ever. The Gamblers got into a crash with a guard rail in South Carolina trying to get around an accident in front of them but they are all alright and on their way to tonights show in St. Augustine, I am sorry I cannot be there but I am working on some cool shit. Before I tell you about it check out these pics from Boston with Tame One, Daniel Joseph, Pistol, Shape, TMFSE and Flawless Larry Hobson

Matt Sordino thanks for the photographs brother

Next order of business will be my 2010 West Coast Tour. I figure I better get back over to you fuckers before the place falls off into the damn ocean, if it doesn't by the time I get there next month.
2/3 Fresno, CA @ Babylon Club
2/4 San Diego, CA
2/5 Los Angeles, CA
2/6 Santa Cruz, CA @ House Party
2/7 San Francisco, CA
2/8 Sacramento, CA
Should go something like this, I will have confirmed venues and all that in about a week so check back.

I have new songs being worked on for a Radio Activity project but I'm not gonna tell you about it on this post. Til soon


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