Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

I have not updated you in a long time Mr. Blog and I am sorry. Definitely not cause of a lack of shit happening, maybe the opposite? Shit is real in the field yall. Fleshtemple 4 day weekend right quick this weekend then studio for a few days but I'll be at Garden Variety 1/21, the flyers posted below. I am also playing a party down the shore the following night 1/22. I don't know any of the details whatsoever except that Big Bee said it will be a 3 floor jammer with live music and all the things that come along with young people, alcohol and loud songs. The following weekend I will be hopping in the whipshnizzle with Daniel Joseph, Roebus One and Faggy Smokes as we take on Rochester, NY on Friday 1/28, Burlington, VT 1/29 and New London, CT 1/30. Moving right along 2/3 I'm in Fresno, CA then some West Coast shows before I fly to Australia for the GDP Fuck the World, Tour. There is a very very very special twist in the works for that Aussie tour that I don't want to bring up yet because it may very very very well not happen but if it does you'll be hearing about it. Furthermore, I don't think many of you are from Australia reading this thing so it doesn't much matter. Think protect your neck kids...Anyway Biggups to Tone for the video interview/checkout and biggups to Aoi out in Australia for making such a nice beat. I'd also like to take a second to shout out my longtime pal and West Orange alumnus John Poverty for blessing me with such a nice new tattoo. The pictures posted below, show him love. I've also got a cassette tape release in the works on Ride The Fury Records that should be out probably while I'm in Australia and if it's not sold out by the time I get home I am going to stick my head in the oven. I am on my 3rd helping of Gentleman's Jack and I feel like a real fucking gentleman. Drinking rules. The Osamabamarama photoshop is compliments of Pistol Pedro. Check back soon I will update after the weekend.

GDP from TONE on Vimeo.

Oh yeah fuck I just remembered. I'm NJUnderground's #1 band in NJ to conquer 2010, I beat out that gay ass band that completely ripped off Death/Traitors shit and some creepy person from my collegiate past is talking about me. By the way go check out the new Death/Traitors shit and here's a link go talk shit about me in the comments or something-
Biggups Static Radio, Roadside Graves and The Measure(sa) as well.

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  1. i'm readin from australia son.. cubes of acid in the freezer