Monday, December 14, 2009

Last minute GDP/Spanish Gamble tour!

This came together literally Sunday morning..I'm hopping in the van with Spanish Gamble and finishing the last 10 days of their tour with them. Hope to see you. You, yes, you.
12/14 The Court - Tavern New Brunswick, NJ
12/15 659 Lounge - Brooklyn, NY
12/16 AVA House - Philadelphia, PA
12/17 Charm City Art Space - Baltimore, MD
12/18 The Dull House - Richmond, VA
12/19 The Soapbox - Wilmington, NC
12/20 No More Analog House - Valdosta, GA
12/21 Nobby's - St. Augistine, FL
12/22 The Kickstand - Gainesville, FL
12/23 Redlight Redlight - Orlando, FL

For specifics go to Spanish Gamble's page

I took some photos with Rob Schuerman yesterday that are gonna be pretty epic. Then I hopped a damp disgusting Fung Wah bus to Boston for the Spanish Gamble music video shoot. I awoke in Zach Baker of "No Gods" fame's guest room and now I'm on his computer. Court Tavern tonight and then East Coast. This is what the fuck it's all about. If you are Big Bee or Madden reading this, I will call you ASAP my phone is about to die.


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