Monday, December 7, 2009

New Music!! Plus a SlangCorp weekend in Massivehugetits

First off, do yourself a favor and go download Pistol's new EP right now, right here FOR FREE @ it is epic.

This is the re-post link, or just click the photo above=
Pistol and I will have some cool news about the most important hip hop supergroup since Public Enemy. Overstatement? I think not.

New song posted on the GDP Myspace page called "Raining in my Head".

It's over a beat made by Aoi who is from Australia. Pistol will be on this song on the Radio Activity album, you will be learning more about that very shortly. You can also eep Baddums Aussie blog who showed some love

This weekend me and Pistol, Tame One, Larry Hobson, Shape, The Man From Somewhere Else and Daniel Joseph loaded the 7 of us in a 7 seater van during a snow storm and drove north directly into the storm so that we could play rap shows in Pittsfield, MA and Boston. It was a nice time. Josh and Brielle even bought us a cake. Much thanks to Zach Baker, Andy and everyone else who gave a fuck.

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