Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend of Shows in Massivehugetits

Yeoo Me, Pistol, TMFSE, Shape, Danny Joseph, Larry Hobson and Tame One are going to Massachusetts this weekend for the biggest SlangCorp/Division East family outing in history. If you do not make it out to these shows you are a stupid asshole.

Sunday 12/6 will be at 12 Gartland Street in Jamaica Plains, NY courtesy of Black Zaker who has once again spread the word to Beantown how uncanny the sound is. Yeah I just said that. Starts at 7pm. Get ripped. Here's a picture from a video shoot that is likely never to come out. Also tack on "Gonzo Journalism" to that list.

Next weekend is going to be some legendary shit New Jersey.

I got a tattoo the other week from my man P. Grodzz and it's sweet. I usually don't post tattoo pictures like this but you should go get a tat from him while he is still technically 'apprenticing'. Lord knows he's tattooing better than a lot of professionals I see at shops so strike while the iron is hot. for conact info.

Spanish Gamble is also making their way up East so go check them out while they are around it will be worth your while. I rock with them 12/14 in New Brunswick and 12/15 in Brooklyn. Respect.


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