Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aussie Update

Miss me yet? Australia is this shit and my new friends at Seaby House and especially tour guide Mr. DNA are excellent hosts. DJ Aoi has been ridiculously on point and the weather's just about perfect. I'm going to try and pick my brain to give a full update from San Francisco to right now. If you don't want to read it you can just scroll down and look at pictures.

Santa Cruz house party was awesome. House was so packed they had to make kids leave in fear of cops showing up, there was a "if you leave the porch you must leave the party" policy put into effect shortly after my set. Benny 2 Bars band completely slayed as well and of course he came on stage during my set to drop about a million gems. San Fran was a jammy at Boom and J-Fames house and I remember there was a keg I was drinking there and I don't remember my performance very well but after my performance a bunch of us stayed up really late. Get it? Really late and talking a lot. You get it. 10,000 blunts later, oh yeah, Ryland made Jasha pull over like 4 times on the ride home so that he could throw up. That's hanging with the big dogzz for ya. Met up with the Dcoi boys in Sacramento. We have made a number of efforts to rip a show together and guess what? It happened. Some highlights include a very drunk young fella getting kicked out of the show for smoking a cigarette backstage, the show getting shut down by the venues owner literally in the middle of my set, then continuing after Ben "Casanova" Dcoi spoke to the man who must have been upset with all the graffiti that the boy who got kicked out of the club had done all over the surrounding area. Punxx. Dcoi was able to play their set and we raged well into the AM hours, I think I slept for about 3 hours that night. Thanks for the send off fellas!

On the flight over I met a dude who was on his way to Australia to go wild bull catching. It's a program where they catch the bulls much like the Big Buck Hunter game at arcades and send them over to Indonesia and places like that to get broken in for bull fighting. Sitting next to him was a girl on her way to some Christian church mission thing that sounded stupid as hell. I told her that we were on our way to Australia for the opposite reasons.

Landed in Australia with no jet lag thank you very much. Weasel and DNA met me with L's in hand. I did some radio show the day I got in and then a day later ripped open a jammy for the RZA at some big night was fun but it's always a pain in the ass dealing with the staff at those places, some where helpful, others were complete fucking idiots. Smoked one with the god and got a flick that came out like shit, oh well. We also drank the rest of his Moet when he left. I prefer more intimate venues and the shows have been lovely ever since. Royal Derby show was a blast, The Espy was interesting..Curse Ov Dialect are some crazy emmer effers. I think me and Aoi scared off some dumb lady from Sony Music that was trying to talk to him/us about whatever assholes say when they are trying to impress people. That night Aoi got arrested on the street right before my eyes for being drunk and disorderly. I tried to interject but the cops explained that if we didn't walk away we would be arrested. There are way more female police officers here than America and I hate all of them equally. Keith Party raged at Club Bang and I explained to the young people the virtues of chemically altered states of being. Rats after-party was all good and allowed me a chance to shake my ass to the likes of Big Pun and Biggie before rapping to a bunch of young things who thought it was okay to try to dance around me while I'm trying to rap. Well excuuuussseee me.

Me and DNA made it over to Sydney the other week so we could paint the town red but I like Melbourne way more, place is covered in graff. Photo extraordinarre Mikey Hamer put us up in Sydney and took a bunch of flicks that I'll be posting soon. The bats in there were huge. We took DNA to his first strip club in Kings Crosse where it turned out he knew the first dancer we saw, "Venom", from high school. Nowadays she is a lesbian strip dancer that works in a dingy ass strip joint downstairs from a brothel on a grimy ass strip. I think she also had her nipples pierced.  We got in trouble at the Sydney Opera House (you'd recognize it if you saw it) for walking up some flight of stairs to that was roped off. Luckily the security staff there was as dumb as they were unintimidating. I went for a swim at the beach and unfortunately nothing bit or ate me. I did however get out of the ocean and not know my wiener was sticking out of my boxers. I was getting some weird looks from some of the beach-goers and then it occured to me that it was because they were looking at my dick. Here's a flick of DNA jumping in the ocean off some sketchy ass rocks.

I got some other shows here coming up that I will give you more details on after the weekend, but this weekend me, Aoi and Mr. DNA take it to Brisbane to demonstrate our particular styles of gangster rap. The Hangar on Friday, Car Park on Saturday, get loose. Here's some flicks..

Teo holding down the merch no doubt
Aoi and Mr. DNA, bottle of Moe for the show

GDP, Mr. DNA, RZA, AOI = 3 letters 4 life
you blaze bro?
Melbourne & New Jersey collab
Curse ov Dialect

Keith Party!
Everyone goes barefoot in Australia, there are no such thing as No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service, all these people go into food stores and shit barefoot, it's interesting

Bunch of young folks shaking at Rats after-show show..drinking age is 18 over here so you knoww

Here is the Mr. DNA camera phone dump, if anyone reading this has been trying to call me you've probably been having little luck because I get no service here, it's awesome. Turn off your cell phone for 3 weeks and see how much better you feel.
This is a live animal
"Punk is dead" scratched over an actual dead persons grave. Edgy.
Which one is real and which one is made of metal

The infamous dolphin bong from Mikey Hamer's crib. Another update will be coming next week after Brisbane.


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