Monday, March 15, 2010

Another manic Monday

My stay in Brisbane was sick. The city itself was forgettable but the show with Little Lungs at the Hanger ruled, Simon put us up nicely minus a kitten I was allergic to. I played at a "Car Park" which is what Australian people call driveways. It was the car park of a radio station and me and AOI ripped. It was fun and I re-met You and Whose Army who runs a facility right up the street called The Fort. The Fort is a full fledged hip hop hotel complete with a cd, clothing, record and paint store, an art gallery showroom, a 300 capacity venue equipped with sound and lighting and a bar, a beer garden, huge art studio, chandeliers, the works. It is inspiring to see young folks doing such awesome shit, if you are reading this keep it up yall! Then me and Mr. DNA went into the rain forest to get back in touch with nature. We stayed with some friendly people at a commune, pictures are below. The spot was beautiful even though it rained the whole time. We got a ride to the property from Mick Jaggers niece whom Mr. DNA had sex with the night prior after meeting her on the street. When asked if she would have sex with all three of us she nodded and coo'd "if you buy me McDonalds". Me and AOI split but kudos to you young sir. She even paid for the cab.

Landed back in Melbourne on Tuesday, made music with AOI on Wednesday, Thursday at 4am caught a train to bus to the airport to go to Auckland, NZ where I was met with ganja and new friends. Landed Thursday about 6pm, got loaded, played a show Friday night with Tourettes and it was cool. Bartender gave me shots of Laphraig and I got bent. Saturday I explored Auckland a bit and had some drinks with Tourettes that night. Thanks Kylee and company for putting me up and Sam Crocker for setting the show. Pictures coming soon.

Landed back in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, played my going away house rager at Seaby on Sunday night. Recorded with AOI on Monday, Tuesday hopped a plane back to California. Airports are the worst places in the world I realized. CNN on the TV, business dad's on the phone with their kids telling them they love em, shitty music playing on the radio, expensive microwaved food and weird smells. Plus weird cops and x-ray machines trying to be all in your shit. My last week down under I spent about 60 hours in transit. Including connector flights, I took 15 flights in the last 5 weeks. That is 3 flights a week. Seems I have significantly increased my chances of getting into a plane accident but so far nothing.

Played some last minute jam in Fresno before flying back to Jersey on Thursday, I don't remember it too well Isaac bought me Tequila. I slept through my 6:45am flight and they put me back on a 11:35am to JFK Airport. If you ordered something from me in the last 5 weeks I am sorry for the hold up, it is going in the mail tomorrow. If you feel like ordering something to to and do so if you want I am alsmost out of Lions Tits shirts forever.

I am right now sitting in Pistol Pete's room listening to him mix my "Magic Bullet" cassette tape which will be out this 4/20. Pre-orders will begin next week or so. Details of the release show will be announced shortly as well as a bunch of other news and some shows you will be excited about. Thanks to everyone involved in my FTW Tour, it was excellent. I will be editing a teaser and then tour vid in the weeks to come while also working on this new record, the Radio Activity record and a free EP with strictly AOI production. 2010 bitches.
Some boy got a tattoo of a logo I used in Virginia. If you are reading this shoot me a line. If anyone has a GDP tattoo or would like to get one, send me a picture and I'll send you free stuff.

Aoi and Gee dee pee in Brisbane
My room in Melbourne. Living room...
Rooftop in Brizzy
Veggie Chicken Wings Son son son son
Proud to beat you

Melbourne public transportation is great, I didn't pay for 1 single tram ride the entire time
I think this is San Fran actually
A crowd at some show from this tour. Okay.
Pet llamas at the house we stayed at in Sunshine Coast subtropical rainforest
Keith built this house by hand. Solar powered and all.
View from the porch
Raining in my rainforest
 Back Parking Lot @ The Fort

Beer Garden @ The Fort
Aoi vs. YesNoMaybe beat battle @ Seaby
Last night in town
Nice joke dickhead
Live from the Car Park

If you ever wondered who Al Sauce is and why he is the man pots and pans, here is one of many many reasons- 

If you ever wondered why Pistol Pete is the man pots and pans, here is one of many many reasons-

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  1. Really looking forward to the AOI/GDP ep!!! That Spotwelders 2 album is insane!